Unmatched German Shorthaired Pointer Genetics

Did your hunting companion come from selecting the top 10% of a line of proven genetics with the same goals you have for natural traits and training ability?

Top Gun Kennel is committed to providing only a small number of the most exceptional German Shorthaired Pointers to further the characteristics of the breed. We will produce only one or two litters of selected breedings from proven genetics each year. If you have interest in offspring from one of these select litters, contact us early and reserve your pup today.

Our Breeding Program is selected through testing and trials, but most importantly the input from the serious bird dog enthusiasts “our customers.” NAVHDA, NSTRA, and AKC Hunt Test are tools we use and believe are important ways of measuring our progress.

We are committed to developing a line of easy training, versatile hunting German Shorthairs that can be raised with the family during the week and perform in the duck blind, bird field or trial grounds on the weekend.

We feel that our strict selection and culling practices have paid off. Our breeding program has been and always will be focused on the traits that our customers need to make better hunting companions. Field trials and tests are tools that we use in selecting for natural ability, trainability and desire along with always searching for traits to improve our lines. You can only talk the talk so long. We let our dogs do the talking!

Please contact us for current litters available. Most litters are sold before they are born!

Current testimonials can be found on our Top Gun Facebook Page.