Satisfied Top Gun Puppy Owners

We have literally hundreds of testimonials from satisfied Top Gun Kennel customers so we’ll just limit this to a few recent ones. We’re happy to provide more if you want them, though, and we always love to tlk about our German Shorthairs. Give these a look and please contact us if you have any questions.


Cooper has been great! He has a very playful and kind personality. He gets along very well with the young nieces and nephews. He has definitely made himself a big part of the family. We mostly hunted grouse and quail this year. He seemed to figure out how to manage the different terrains pretty easily. He stayed a bit closer in the thick stuff for grouse and would stay out front quartering in the fields. It’s been great hunting and spending time with Cooper and my dad and its fun to see how much they enjoy it too. He weighs about 64 pounds. Everyone loves him! I couldn’t ask for a nicer dog. Thanks for putting so much time and energy into your dogs and kennel.
Hope all is well,

– Brian Lynds – WA

Dear Steve and Jodie,

Thought you would like to know that Happ is doing great at the end of his first year. He continues to advance in his bird work surpassing all my expectations. He’s a great family dog and we love him dearly. At the local hunt club he has made a serious impression resulting in at least two earnest offers to buy him outright. Needless to say, I have appreciated the attention but declined in both instances of course. He’s big, handsome, and strong yet with good sense. At a recent seminar, Rick Smith came to refer to him (I think somewhat affectionately) as “the big Shorthair.” It’s a nick-name we now use sometimes. Thanks for breeding such a great dog!

I mentioned when I picked up Happ that we may be interested in a second dog one day. Well, my wife Marty just mentioned that it might be time to inquire about any breedings you might have in mind for 2015. Another son of Sir Henry would suite us just fine, or any other pairing that you think shows promise. Please let me know and thanks again for our Happ.

Best personal regards,

– Denver H – AZ

Happy 4th Ries family!

I started looking for a new pup about a year before picking up “Scout”. I’m way out in Utah, but when I asked my local German Shorthair owners about their dogs and started looking at a few pedigrees, I saw a number of Top Gun ancestors in a few different dogs which I admired. That’s how I found my way to the Top Gun webpage, which is really excellent. Emailing and speaking with Steve & Jodie sealed the deal. When I picked up my pup I was blown away first and foremost by the kindness and knowledge of Ries family, second by their amazing dogs and third by their wonderful facilities. What a fun day!

Scout is settling into our family well, and is all things puppy! He is taking to his obedience training and very soon will be introduced to birds. He’s the darling of my family, friends and everyone he comes in contact with. He is the most self-confident pup I have ever seen and is fearless to a fault. We bumped our first covey of grouse at 15 weeks (with a little help) and I expect there will be many more!

Can’t wait for the season to start…

– Jess – Utah

Steve and Jodie,

I have a couple things to say. First of all, I wanted to say that I made the right choice when I chose Top Gun Kennels. Your kennel and you are world class! Too many times, I have gone on road trips to pick something up, and I’ve been disappointed upon arrival. Not the case with you! Your facility and your professionalism exceeded all of my expectations. But never once did I feel like this was a business transaction. The “Faith, Family, and Friends” saying that you have on your website, is what drew me to Top Gun Kennels, and you truly live that. Thank you!

Second, whatever socializing that your daughter and you did with the pup, has paid off. She whined very little on our ride home and only for a minute last night when I put her in her kennel for the night (11 pm). She never made a peep all night! She is running around our house and doing her business outside like she’s been doing her entire life.

Again, thank you for the wonderful experience.

– Dan – WI

Hi Steve & Jodie,

I put together a quick summary of Mocha’s success in the two tournament hunting series that we participated in for the season and thought you might like to see it. All in all it was a great first year for Mocha and I expect to build on it for next season.

Midwest Upland Gun Dog Series ( M.U.G.S.)

(A) Wisconsin Open: 3rd place Top Gun Amateur Pointer

(B) Chuckar Classic: Champion Top Gun Amateur Pointer

(C) The Jewel: 3rd Place Top Gun Amateur Pointer, and 3rd place Top Gun Main Event Pointer

(D) Menomonie March Madness: Champion Top Gun Amateur Pointer

(E) M.U.G.S. Amateur Championship: Champion and Third Place Top Gun Amateur Pointer (This event was a match play event which involved 6 runs in one day)

(F) M.U.G.S Series Championship: Champion and Runner-up Top Gun Amateur Pointer event and 2nd place Top Gum Main event Pointer.

North American Tournament Hunting Association ( NATHA )

(A) Minnesota Pheasant Championship: Champion Top Gun Pointer O/50 and Champion Open Singles Pointer

(B) Wisconsin State Pheasant Championship: 2nd place Top Gun Pointer O/50

(C) Missouri State Partridge Championship: 2nd place Top Gun Pointer O/50 and 3rd place Top Gun Pointer

(D) Minnesota State Partridge Championship: 3rd place Top Gun Pointer

(E) US Open Pheasant Championship: 4th Place top Gun Pointer O/50 and 4th place Top Gun Pointer

Best regards,

– Mark Donahoe – MN


Steve & Jodie,

Ruby has been doing great. At 6 months, she is currently 36-37lbs. Health checks at the vet have all gone well. In the home she behaves amazingly well. She has great manners, doesn’t misbehave, and for a 6 month old puppy blows me away. Even better, when it’s time to play/work outside, she’s full of energy. I’m not sure how you were able to breed a calm house dog AND an active field dog, but you worked some magic.

I have been working with a professional trainer from California and we are focusing on the official AKC obedience requirements. We are currently just finishing up week 8 of a 10 week Novice course (about 100hrs), will start “Open Obedience” in June (another 100+ hrs), and then Utility Obedience (200+ hrs), when Open is completed. I’ll title her in all 3 classes when the training is complete for all three.

Take care,

– Chris – NV